Porcelain Paver Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance  of Porcelain Pavers :  Needed Supplies: Green or White Scrubbing Pad (Which can be found at any local home-stores)  Bucket  Water Mop  Liquid Vacuum Cleaner  As a maintenance cleaner for all floor types:Dilute 1:200 (one capful of FILACLEANER per gallon of water) for a no-rinse application. Can be used directly in the water tank […]

Mold On Natural Stone Patio And How To Remove It

Mold is as natural as natural stone to start with!  It doesn’t take much for mold to develop on natural stone, especially in outdoor environments such as patios.  All mold requires is moisture, dirt, and a porous surface.  Dirt, natural debris, and ambient moisture are the key breeding factors for mold to grow on just about any surface. Ancient builders […]

Sintered Glass Mosaics

Sintered Glass is a material used for walls and backsplashes as an alternative to stone, porcelain or ceramic tile.  It’s created when colored glass is crushed and pulverized, and the powder is heated and pressed into a glass sheet.  This glass is fired in a kiln like a porcelain.  This produces a through-color effect in the final tile. New technologies […]