Castles N’ Coasters

Enjoy an action-packed day at Castles N’ Coasters in Phoenix. Spanning 10 acres (four hectares), the theme park offers a wide range of attractions that appeal to the young and old, including roller coasters, a carousel, mini-golf courses, go-kart, bumper cars and boats, an arcade, ziplines, an obstacle course, and more. Popular attractions include two steel roller coasters, Patriot and Desert Storm, a 120-foot (36-meter) drop tower, log flume ride, old-fashioned carousel ride, 3-story ropes obstacle course, and Skywire zipline. A selection of carnival-type rides cater to younger kids. There are four 18-hole miniature golf courses, and the 3-story arcade features more than 150 games from old school to high tech. A variety of ticket options are available to suit different budgets and interests. Book an unlimited rides pass, or upgrade to include mini-golf and the arcade. Or pay per game for just mini golf. Seasonal and annual passes offer extra savings.

Castles N’ Coasters is located on Black Canyon Highway in northern Phoenix. Located just off of Interstate 17, it’s easily accessible by car from just about anywhere in the greater Phoenix area. Castles N’ Coasters is open daily, year-round, with the exception of Christmas. Different areas of the park have different operating hours, which may include a break in the middle of the day. Check the schedule before going to avoid disappointment. Castles N’ Coasters is an amusement park and family amusement center located in Phoenix, Arizona. The approximately 10-acre (40,000 m2) park features four outdoor 18-hole miniature golf courses, several rides, and an indoor video game arcade. The park was built in 1976, and is designed in a Middle-Eastern motif though other eras are featured such as the Wild West-themed miniature golf course and log flume ride.

Other attractions includes a go-kart track, bumper cars, bumper boats, 2 roller coasters called Patriot and Desert Storm, some thrill rides including Magic Carpet, Sea Dragon, Free Fall and Sky Diver drop rides, and a log flume called Splashdown. In 1976, the entertainment park originally opened under the name “Golf n’ Stuff”. It later turned into “Castles N’ Coasters” in 1992 after adding its Ride Park. Also expanding to 10 acres which brought two roller coasters, Desert Storm and Patriot, as well as a multilevel arcade. On May 1, 2005, eleven people were left stranded for nearly three hours after a free fall ride malfunctioned. Reports indicate that the floorless, four-sided passenger cabin jerked as it ascended the tower. The cabin, guided by cables, normally drops to the bottom of the 120-foot-tall tower and comes to a stop, however when it reached the halfway point on its ascent, it made loud screeching noises and came to a sudden halt. It took firefighters nearly three hours to rescue the riders, who were locked in their seats about 30 feet above the ground. The park’s manager says that the ride will be closed until investigators determine what caused the malfunction. On November 28, 2015, a twelve-year-old boy named Dominick Leal was seriously injured after falling from a water log flume ride called: the “Splashdown” after standing during the ride, and required immediate emergency brain surgery. On May 15, 2021, Fire crews rescued 22 people that were stuck on the Desert Storm rollercoaster. Investigators said the cars on the coaster stalled and the riders were stuck about 20 feet up on a horizontal loop. It’s unclear what caused the roller coaster car to get stuck.

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