Why can’t I see pricing?

QDI operates as a wholesaler for all of your flooring needs. Because we are a wholesaler we do not sale our material at retail price and do not promote pricing on our website. If you need assistance with choosing a contractor please contact us so that we can help with suggestions.

Can I purchase directly from the store?

QDI Surfaces sells through trade only. When purchasing from QDI Surfaces, order through your contractor or designer.

How much material should I order?

Is it best to discuss this with your contractor. They will be able to account to excess material that you may need for your project.

How can I prevent staining on natural material?

Travertine and limestone easily absorb colors and stains so the best way to protect natural stone from being stained is to seal it. Use a high quality sealer like the FILA brand we carry. If you choose to no seal your material the best way to remove a stain once it’s already occurred is to mix equal parts baking soda with water or hydrogen peroxide. Mix the ingredients until they turn into a paste. Scrub the paste into the stain. Completely cover the stain with the paste and leave it for a minimum of 15 minutes.

What is the benefit of using a sealer?

We strongly encourage customers to seal natural material. Some of the benefits of using a sealer are that is is a stain, grime, and oil repeller. Using a sealer also makes clean up easier, cuts down of day to day wear and tear, and enhances color and brightness.

What are some benefits of using travertine?

A few benefits of using travertine for your flooring option are that it’s a fairly low maintenance. It’s durable, so it does well in high traffic areas. It is a timeless material, so its always on trend and in style. It comes in a variety of patterns and finishes so the options for the look of this material are endless. An added bonus with travertine is that it keeps cool in warm environments.

What are some benefits of using porcelain?

A few benefits of using porcelain tile in your home are that it is stain, scratch, and frost resistant. It has low water absorption making it easy to clean. Porcelain is also available in a variety of colors and designs.

What are some benefits of using vinyl?

Some of the benefits of using vinyl planks are that they are low maintenance, cost effective, and durable. Vinyl is also different from other materials because it is softer that other clay tile and natural stone. Vinyl is also warmer that other materials meaning they don’t get cold even when its cold outside.

What are some benefits of using ceramic?

Some of the benefits of using ceramic tile are that it is low maintenance, scratch resistant, and cost efficient. It is often found that using ceramic tile can also add value to a home and its resale price.

What material can be used indoors?

All of our materials can be used indoors. There are some that are typically used outdoors because of the thickness of the material, but you can also use them inside if you like.

What material can be used outdoors?

All of our paver materials can be install outdoors. Whether it is a natural stone or a porcelain paver the thickness of the material allows it to be durable enough to combat all of natures elements. Our waterline materials can also be install in outdoor pools.

What does a tile PEI rating mean?

PEI rating is the Porcelain Enamel Institute rating. This rating is only given to glazed floor tiles. This rating measures how much wear the material can handle before the look of the material is altered. It is measure of a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being the lowest durability and 5 being the most durable.

Will there be variation in my tile?

If you decide to buy a natural material such as travertine tile or pavers there can be a certain amount of variation in color due to nature and it being a material that isn’t being color corrected by man.

Can I hand pick my natural stone?

We do not allow customers to hand select each piece of natural material.

Can travertine tile be used in a shower?

Yes! It is often thought that because travertine is a porous material it is not wise to install in in the bathroom especially not in the shower. But the solution for this is simple. You can use this easy to maintain material in the bathroom shower, floor, or sink as long as you simply seal the material.

What is the average lifespan of tile floors?

The lifespan of any of our available tiles can be well over 50 years. If you have the desire for your time to last a long time you will need to make sure you are consistently caring for it. Make sure you buy a few extra pieces of your material just in case one piece chips. Its much easier to replace one tile rather than an entire floor. Also be sure to seal your material and keep it clean. These are all keys to having long lasting floor tiles.

How do I pick a grout color?

You’ll want to pick grout that is similar to your time color. You may want to shy away from whites as it picks up and show dirt easier. You want to make sure your colors compliment each other and blend well so the focus stays on the tile and not the grout.