The Woodlands Waterway Trolley

The Woodlands Waterway Trolley is a public transportation service following a 4.1-mile route. Do you have a tight budget and want to save up by enjoying free things to do in The Woodlands? If you do, go on a scenic trolley ride aboard this transit system. This delightful trolley allows you to explore the best of the downtown neighborhood and enjoy an affordable sightseeing tour. Make new memories with your companions by going on a ride aboard The Woodlands Waterway Trolley. Enjoy looking at terrific views of the area and get off stops along the way to dine at a superb restaurant, go shopping, or explore attractions on its route.

The Woodlands Waterway Trolley is a charming transportation system that gives visitors a chance to see all the sights and hop off every so often in the Town Center. The trolleys are free to ride, so you can take a scenic ride along the Woodlands Waterway before enjoying the shopping and restaurants the town has to offer. The Woodlands Waterway Trolley provides easy transportation along a 4.1-mile route connecting The Woodlands Mall, Market Street, The Woodlands Waterway and Hughes Landing. This free transportation service gives visitors of The Woodlands easy access to retail, entertainment, restaurants, and hotels. Multiple trolleys will be in operation at a given time, to ensure wait times are at a minimum and stay around 10 minutes. 

The Woodlands Township has enhanced the Town Center Trolley service to include service to the Hughes Landing area. Four trolleys will operate seven days a week and will circulate approximately every 10 minutes during peak operating hours around retail and office locations throughout the Town Center area. During off-peak operations (2 to 5 p.m. daily and 2 to 6:00 p.m. on Sundays), three vehicles are in continuous operation.Employees, residents and visitors can park once and hop aboard the free trolley to popular retail, entertainment, and office locations. The trolleys provide transit service along an approximate 4.1-mile route connecting The Woodlands Mall, Market Street, Town Center, The Woodlands Waterway and Hughes Landing restaurants, hotels, businesses and residences. The Town Center Trolleys are partially funded through Federal Transit Administration (FTA) formula grants.

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